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You want to go up for the CCXP Exam? This CXPA accredited training is the perfect preparation! Follow this inspiring Masterclass live or online, individually or in a tailored In-Company training. Challenge yourself to be a CX Expert and book your seat to get fully prepared by one of the few CXPA trainers in the world.


The Loyalty Experience… You want to know what NPS is really all about? How to turn it into a successful programme adopted by the business? With the actual real-life experience of running international NPS Programmes, this course contains the tips and hard lessons to make it a success in the unruly business life.


Stories bring new perspectives, inspire, capture the imagination. Business Storytelling makes you spark a movement and see your organisation rally behind you and your ambitions. So explore your story, building blocks, and how to influence your audience. In short: Design your impact, claim your position.


NPS Open House

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ST Open House

For now, the Business Storytelling Masterclass is only for teams, and only live. But, we’d love to hear from you if you want to join as an individual, or with only a few colleagues. We’re already planning to turn this Masterclass into an Open House version. So if you’re really keen to be challenges and inspired to design stories, we might as well fast track it. Reach out, let us know!

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We deliver Masterclasses for cool companies all the time. We do them LIVE on your location, or we invite you to our spectacular places. And we do ONLINE, seems daunting? We promise you an inspiring, interactive, immersive course that will rock you. And as always, these editions are fully tailored to your specific industry, challenges and ambitions… Reach out, let’s have a call!



Businesses worldwide have woken up to the significance of managing and curating their Experiences (X). It’s all about those different fields of expertise that enable companies to design, manage and improve the relationship, interactions and value of their customers, partners and clients.

For us, this means we passionately believe to pursue a proven and professional understanding of Customer Experience, Loyalty Experience (NPS) and Data-Driven Experience. As well as the skillset HOW to make it a success. In other words, to rally the organisation behind these ambitions through Business Storytelling.

Powerful. Invaluable. Essential. For companies that seek to lead, and for individuals that seek to be successful leaders.


The Masterclasses are designed for senior professionals that design, improve and/or lead in CX, NPS or VOC related programmes and initiatives in their companies or at clients. Roles attending are typically from CX, NPS, Programme Managers, Marketing, Research and also HR, Customer Care or anyone who seeks to expand their skills and expertise.

The Masterclasses are applicable for all sizes of companies and all industries in B2B, B2C, B2G (Government) and B2P3 (Patients, Passengers or Partners).


All the Masterclasses are held Open House (scheduled Masterclasses for which you can sign up) as well as In-company editions (exclusively planned for your teams and specially tailored you your ambitions).


All the Masterclasses are available as a live Masterclass as well as online Masterclasses for a full virtual experience.


The Masterclasses have an international focus and appeal. They are hosted all over the world (when Covid allows). And with Open House editions you’ll see participants and companies from all over the globe likely to join you.

With the live Masterclasses we take great pride in choosing the most inspiring locations to truly deliver a great experience. From five star Grand Hotels to cool industrial lofts and more. And rest asure, the online editions aren’t lacking in inspiration and experiences either…


The Masterclasses are in-depth, challenging and surprising.  A proven range of topics that are essential, commonly accepted building blocks combined with inspiring trends and developments, unexpected viewpoints, best cases from around the globe and real-life experiences. O, and did we mention great exercises, peer learning, your own Action Plan, sample Exam questions (incl. those to prepare you for the CCXP Exam)? This is really one fully immersive experience!


The Masterclasses are delivered and designed by people that have actually done it! Grounded in real-life with all the ‘scars and the stars’! No textbook-only teaching or consultants on the sidelines. We want the real deal: extensive sharing of ‘war notes’, bending the truth, playing the game, avoiding pitfalls and stakeholder management.

It’s all about transformational change. That means something …extra. Not just learning text books, nor just being able to copy best practices. Sharing and showing innovative trends, behavioural psychology, off-beat perspectives is truly essential for success.

All X Masterclasses are linked. Of course… They’re all part of the same universe. So you’ll get all the cross-references to deepen insights and enrich understanding. However, we do not stand for simply duplicating slides. All material in every Masterclass is fully original.

Often overlooked or justified, but high quality visuals and material bring theory, models, examples and inspiration to life. It should explode from the page and screen. Sharp, engaging and just awesome it’s an essential part to make it all stick!

We don’t do outdated stuff, old and chewed out examples. We’re always at the forefront of what’s happening and relevant. Our genuine passion and promise is that we will have the latest examples, novel takes, innovative views that are happening right now!

Jaap Wilms


Jaap is one of the few very experienced CX and NPS practioners around. He consults businesses all over the world and also leads various global CX and NPS roll-outs for international renowned companies.

Accredited by the CXPA Jaap hosts the popular CX Masterclasses that prepare you for the CCXP Exam and that coveted CCXP title. As one of the only a handful of globally Recognized Training Providers he travels from Moscow to Manchester, Dubai to Delft, and Seattle to Singapore for it. Perhaps you’d like to immerse yourself in the world of NPS and the Loyalty Strategy. Or what about upskilling yourself in Business Storytelling to design your impact in the organisation…

Jaap is also a guest lecturer at some renowned Universities and MBAs where he teaches CX and Strategic Innovation. He is a guest on podcasts (e.g. the Forrester CX podcast), frequents the stage, is Director at the Customer Institute and Chair of Judges at the International CX Awards.

With 23 years of experience in CX and NPS, working and living in several countries, Jaap brings actual real-life experiences to the table. Having been a Customer Experience Leader himself in a large corporate for years – designing, running and modernising a complex NPS programme for multiple countries in Europe and Asia – he knows the unruly business world and the political games played very, very well. Combine that with a broad and in-depth expertise, and an array of surprising, original off-beat knowledge he’s sure to surprise, inspire and support you.

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