2 & 9 October 2023

with an extra Q&A follow-up session 23 October 2023




Early Bird € 1.395 (approx. $1,400) |  Standard € 1.495 (approx. $1,500)

Early Bird € 1,395 |  Standard € 1,495

EARLY BIRD pricing valid till 30 days before start

Let's address The Elephant in the room...

“An ENTIRE day ONLINE?“ You are not the first to ask. But we’ve designed an engaging mix of interactive modules, challenging exercises, peer discussions and plenty of breaks so the day flies by. With overwhelming feedback of previous attendees, we are confident we’ve found the right mix.



There is a reason we call NPS the Fight Club Metric. There are tons and tons of articles, posts and opinions. Some well-informed, most however… not so.

This Masterclass is dedicated to the Net Promoter Score®. In two days you’ll learn all about the many discussions, understand the different perspectives and take your own stand. You’ll explore how NPS fuels the company strategy and drives value. You’ll be amazed how psychology hugely influences your surveys leading to sharper insights. And above all, you’ll see how NPS initiatives can be designed into a succesful programme.

It’s far from ‘just measuring a score’. We are about one thing: making change.

“NPS is not about the score. Not at all. Sure, there is plenty of interesting stuff to agree or disagree with when you focus on the score, the scale, the formula, the calculations.

But, the magic of NPS is not that. It lies in the business philosophy behind it that focuses on predicting future behaviour, on stimulating loyalty and advocacy to drive value, on building initiatives into a change programme to transform your organisation… That is the real magic of NPS.”

In two days of in-depth expertise, surprising insights, peer exercises and blended learning you’ll fully experience what it means to be in NPS today and how to turn NPS into a successful programme.

And it’s not only expertise. It’s also experience! We. Have. Done. It. Ourselves! As former Head of Global NPS in Financial Services we know exactly what we are talking about. So get ready for many, many real-life anecdotes in the big corporate world, the political pitfalls, how to counter biased (and ego-filled) stakeholders,  unexpected anecdotes, surprising but succesful tips and more.

In short: For everyone dealing with NPS in business, this is a must-have. And this online Masterclass edition gives you all you need, from the comfort of home or office.


Set against a continuously evolving landscape of trends, changing consumer behaviour and surprising challenges for your organisation you’ll learn about the Loyalty Strategy, the often vitriolic public discourse and the future of NPS. You’ll learn about modern, dynamic and smart survey design.

You’ll deep-dive in analyses, scores, responses and its many pitfalls. You’ll learn how to create a cohesive measurement framework connecting strategy to tactical and operational levels. You’ll learn to calculate financial returns, design target setting, and manage abuse and ethics. And you’ll learn what it takes to set up an NPS Programme, design organisational accountability, and create a sustainable successful thriving NPS culture.

In short: you will encounter the full breadth of what it means to be in NPS today… Are you up for it?

  • How do you drive value with NPS as a Loyalty Strategy and align it with your brand?
  • How to optimise insights, changed customer behaviour and opportunities?
  • How to design a solid measurement framework and KPIs?
  • How to successfully engage and commit all layers of the organisation?
  • How to deal with bonuses or people manipulating the scores?
  • How to organise a mature Closing the Loops system?
  • How do you design modern, relevant surveys?
  • How are you going to do this with a compelling vision, story, model and roadmap?

Need we go on?


NPS can be overwhelming. Especially when considering its role in a continuously evolving landscape of trends and developments. So it’s essential to get a good grip on what needs to be done. We’ll use the NPS Tidal Wave Model © to guide us through all the different elements. Grounded in real-life experience this model gives you the full scope of what to do, and the means how to do it. It’s a practical and useful guide for firmly embedding NPS in your organisation and creating a customer centric movement.


With an IN-COMPANY Masterclass edition you can design your own NPS Masterclass and put the focus on your business challenges.

It is an ideal way to learn, discuss and grow as a team. You will be inspired and challenged in NPS, explore the different building blocks of what makes a good NPS Programme, and to design your impact in the organisation.

With plenty of examples from real-world programmes on about any topic, you will be sure to have a tangible Roadmap that fits your ideas, industry, aspirations and challenges.

Learn more


  • Learn the 6 NPS Competences and the NPS Framework
  • Get challenged and in-depth expertise in all aspects of NPS
  • Learn Global Best Practices, trends and developments in NPS
  • Get personally inspired for success in the extra module ‘NPS Role’
  • Connect and learn with your team and colleagues involved in NPS
  • Create a Personal or Team NPS Action Plan and NPS Roadmap to build your own NPS Programme set for success

Benefits for INDIVIDUALS

  • Builds and validates credibility and expertise
  • Provides a framework for advancement and value creation
  • Creates a pivotal position linking Brand, Strategy, Customer Experience and Loyalty Management
  • Increases marketability, profile and career path options
  • Opens discussions with NPS and CX peers and new networks
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to improvement



  • The Masterclass starts Day 1 at 9 AM (pre-class access / virtual walk-in at 8.45 AM) and ends 6 PM.
  • Day 2 starts again at 9 AM (pre-class access / virtual walk-in at 8.45 AM) and ends 6 PM again.
  • Then, one or two weeks after there’s a ‘Follow-up‘ from 9 AM till 11.00 AM with additional Q&A time and sharing experiences on how it was to apply the learnings to the unruly daily life.
  • All times are CET (in case of Daylight Saving Time: CEST).


  • Early bird price: € 1,395 |  Full price: € 1,495
  • All prices are excl. VAT


  • A hardcopy of the high-end Masterclass syllabus and all other materials are sent to your home address or office in a luxury box.
  • Successful participants earn the Certificate and LinkedIn Credential.


  • On demand

KEEP ME IN THE LOOP! Masterclasses are continuously planned. Let us know if you want to be kept in the loop of new dates.

Keep me in the loop!

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Jaap Wilms


Jaap is one of the few very experienced CX and NPS practioners around. He consults businesses all over the world and also leads various global CX and NPS roll-outs for international renowned companies.

Accredited by the CXPA Jaap hosts the popular CX Masterclasses that prepare you for the coveted CCXP Exam. As one of the only a handful of globally Recognized Training Providers he travels from Moscow to Manchester, Dubai to Delft, and Seattle to Singapore for it. Or perhaps you’d like to immerse yourself in the world of NPS and the Loyalty Strategy. Or what about upskilling yourself in Business Storytelling to design your impact in the organisation…

With 23 years of experience in CX and NPS, working and living in several countries, Jaap brings actual real-life experiences to the table. Having been a Customer Experience Leader himself in a large corporate for years – designing, running and modernising a complex NPS programme for multiple countries in Europe and Asia – he knows the unruly business world and the political games played very, very well. Combine that with a broad and in-depth expertise, and an array of surprising, original off-beat knowledge he’s sure to surprise, inspire and support you.


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