UTRECHT, 18 - 19 MARCH 2021



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Early Bird € 1,795 |  Standard € 2,095

Early bird € 1,795 |  Standard € 2,095

EARLY BIRD pricing valid till 18th February!


Impact COVID-19

We keep close track of all developments and personal safety concerns. In collaboration with the location we have thoroughly re-designed the course and the setup to strictly meet all the regulations in place.

Changes have been made in e.g. the room layout and size, exercises have been changed to allow for social distancing, lunch and dinner are in a private area, sanitation is provided for hygiene, and much more. We’ve done it before in September, and it works!

So we are still up for a LIVE session. Will you join?

In case you are not sure, or your employer does not allow you to travel just know that ANY time you book with us, you can decide to move to another session we give in 2021 or 2022. So you can safely book now and decide later what to do should there be new regulations or developments.

Online editions

Can’t wait till the pandemic is over, you just want to get started now? Then you might be interested in an ONLINE version of this CX Masterclass.

In a 2 Day session, hosted through Zoom and extra online tools like Mural, we’ll go through everything that is CX. With engaging and interactive modules, exercises, breaks and virtual drinks, this session is a close alternative to the live ones. Are you up for it?

New online editions are coming very soon. Let us know and we’ll keep you in the loop! And if you do so now, you’ll get a Super Early Bird tariff!

Hit the button, and we’ll be in touch!

Online edition


MASTER THE COMPLEXITIES OF CXand prepare for the official ccxp exam

Enrol in this CX Masterclass endorsed by the CXPA. With only a few official CXPA trainers in the world (the so-called RTPs: Recognised Training Providers) to optimally  prepare you for the official CCXP Exam, this Masterclass gives you not 1 but 2 of them! And we’re not stopping there. Besides the CXPA curriculum we are sharing our lengthy corporate expertise, challenge you with surprising views and make sure you’re in for a treat. So…

  • Are you looking to grow in your role as a CX professional?
  • You want to become an even better leader in the field of CX?
  • You want the best preparation for the CCXP Exam?

Join the Masterclass for two days of expertise, high value content, peer exchanges and blended learning. With food, drinks and overnight stay in the exclusive hotel Karel V in Utrecht (the Netherlands) this is an all inclusive CX learning experience.

The course is designed to cover all aspects of CX. Using examples from real-world CX programmes, you will learn about strategy, insights, measurement, design, organizational accountability, your role as a CX professional, and a thriving CX culture. Set against a continuously changing and evolving landscape of trends, developments, challenges and changing consumer behaviour you will encounter the full breadth of what it means to be in CX today.

We believe in challenging, sharing, supporting and inspiring in order to create CX leaders. That means we want:

  • You to have expertise in all CX competencies
  • You to be able to lead a conversation (not just follow it)
  • You to be able to put your skills to daily, concrete practice
  • You to get officially certified and earn your CCXP title
  • You to be part of a network of CX peers



  • Learn the 6 CX Competences according to CXPA
  • Get ready for the CCXP Exam, incl. Test Questions per Competence
  • Look at global best (and worst) practices in CX
  • Learn about CX trends and developments
  • Create your Personal CX Plan and grow as a versatile CX Leader
  • Internalize how to apply CX directly to your day-to-day business
  • Join a network and learn from peer exchanges and exercises

Benefits for INDIVIDUALS

  • Validates credibility and expertise
  • Provides a framework for advancement and value creation
  • Increases marketability, profile and career path options
  • Stimulates discussions with CX peers and opens up networks
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to improvement


The Master Class starts on Thursday at 9 AM and ends Friday 4.30 PM.


  • Early bird price: € 1,795 |  Full price: € 2,095
  • All prices are excluding VAT and the CXPA Exam fee


  • All lunches, dinner, drinks and overnight stay in 5-star hotel Karel V
  • A free copy of our high-end Professional’s Guide to CX syllabus


  • 3-4 September 2020
  • 19-20 November 2020
  • 18-19 March 2021 (*)
  • 17-18 June 2021 (*)
  • 18-19 November 2021 (*)

(* Masterclasses planned, final dates t.b.d. a.s.a.p.)

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  • Want to make the customer more visible in your organisation?
  • How do you capture a better understanding of customers?
  • You want to optimize working together across countries?

The In-House CX Masterclass is an ideal two days of learning, discussing, challenging and designing a way of working and to realise a joint framework to effectively and continuously make the difference with your CX initiatives in the organisation.

The course is tailored to build up all necessary CX competencies. From strategy to understanding the voice of the customer and their needs. From measurement and ways of data and feedback collection, to actually deploying them through service design. And from getting the organisation to adopt it throughout all Business Units, Staff and line management through targets, goals and ownership. To creating a CX movement, CX communities and a genuine customer driven culture.


This CX Masterclass is also given in-company. Tailored to your ambitions or specific challenges, the days will spark specific discussions and deal with relevant challenges to get learnings directly applied to your goals.

Your CX champions will change the organisation. Focused. Together. With a specific action plan and roadmap for your organisation. To raise the CX bar in your organisation. And individually they are challenged with an ambitious path to become officially certified, raising the professional position your company.

For all options, prices and locations please contact.



  • How do you embed CX to the business strategy and in the organisation?
  • Should you set targets, and if so collectively or individually?
  • What is most sustainable and relevant: NPS or CES or CSAT?
  • Modern ways to approach customers (battling survey fatigue)?
  • How do I get employees to really act upon analyses and insights?
  • How do I create a growing CX vibe in the organisation?

… OR any specific organisation or team challenges!

Benefits for EMPLOYERS

  • Increases thought leadership and marketability of the company
  • Demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to CX Excellence
  • Identifies employees that demonstrate the required expertise
  • Enhances products, processes, services and creates value from a coveted customer and employee experience perspective

TIMING & price

The Master Class starts on Thursday at 9 AM and ends Friday 4.30 PM.


  • Early bird price: € 1,795 |  Full price: € 2,095
  • All prices are excluding VAT and the CXPA Exam fee


  • All lunches, dinner, drinks and overnight stay in 5-star hotel Karel V
  • A free copy of our high-end Professional’s Guide to CX syllabus


  • 7-8 March 2019
  • 20-21 June 2019
  • 28-29 November 2019
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Venue: This Masterclass takes place in Grand Hotel Karel V in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A stunning building, this 14th-century monastery with its beautiful inner garden is located in the heart of the medieval city of Utrecht and is one of the most surprising hideaways around. O, and did we mention we’ll be enjoying our lunch and classic-with-a-modern-twist dinner in the Karel5 kitchen ? We talk a great deal about experiences, let’s be in one.

Public transport: Utrecht is very easy accessible. It is a 30 minute train ride from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. From Utrecht Central Railway Station the venue is only a 10 minute walk.

Car: Parking service available for hotel guests at €15 per night. Please inform for options.

Address: Grand Hotel Karel V / Bistro Karel 5: Geertebolwerk 1, 3511 XA Utrecht, The Netherlands. and

Jaap Wilms


Jaap consults and supports corporate businesses all over the world and is involved in various international CX and NPS roll-outs and networks. He is one of the few trainers in the world that is officially a Recognised Training Provider by the CXPA. He is a keynote speaker, Director of the Customer Institute, Ambassador and Chair of Judges at the International CX Awards, as well as a guest lecturer at Universities.

With over 20 years of international experience and having been a CX leader himself – designing and managing an acclaimed NPS Programme in multiple countries in Europe and Asia as Head of Global NPS in the Financial Services industry – Jaap brings the actual real life experiences to the table with the ‘stars and scars’, a thorough expertise and original, insightful thinking.

Nienke Bloem

Nienke is an acclaimed Customer Experience trainer, consultant and keynote speaker. She hosts her own YouTube channel with CX vlogs and is co-founder of the Customer Experience Game. Nienke too is one of the few trainers in the world officially credited a Recognised Training Provider by the CXPA, lectures at Universities, hosts the International CX Awards, and is involved in numerous CX initiatives.

Nienke’s passion for the field of Customer Experience is evident in her years of credentials and her way to bring fun while working together. She promises to make Customer Experience WORK, her mission being to make the world a more beautiful (blue) place for employees and customers.