“How to turn the Net Promoter Score© into something adopted in the organisation?”

“How do you get people to want to see your scores and start CX initiatives?”

“How to get energy and interest back into the organisation when it’s used to NPS for years and years now?”

“How are you going to do that? For your colleagues, you’re the expert. But how?

The benefit and pitfall of CX is that it is a lot about… scores. No wonder it is hard to get people excited about it.

CX and NPS have changed considerably last decade. Originally a to be defined field of expertise and a functional metric it is now a full business methodology and an opportunity to create a strategic programme, redesign the organisation and realise an innovative, buzzing, entrepreneurial employee experience.

Your programme can and should be just that. Successful programmes ensure they link all the way from corporate strategy to a compelling vision, embedding a measurement framework that enables a customer dialogue and uncovers tangible insights, vigorously pursues improvements for growth and embeds CX in the company’s business rhythm.

Sounds hard? Yes. And you are the one the organisation looks to. To be the expert. To realise it. From kickstarting and embedding, the strategic vision, aligning stakeholders and engaging the organisation. So yes, that is a lot. A lot.

Get someone on your side with the expertise, and who’s been in your role. Supporting, helping and challenging you. So you can shine and be a CX leader.



Let’s face it. Consultants are the worst. And I personally hate the term. Luckily the typical stuff you’d expect from a consultant is not what I do. I genuinely believe it should be you who is in the spotlights, doing the hard work, solving the puzzles, and reaping the rewards. But you might want to have someone on the side. Someone that can help you, to spar with, to check your approach, or anything else. And that is me.

Because hearing and seeing it is one thing, but actually doing it is something else. As a sparring partner with a track record of actually having been in your role. I want to support you. In designing your approach, exploring your possibilities, and to creating your brilliant presentation everyone talks about. To challenge and coach you so you get more out of your role.

Get Jaap in, for example for:

    For when you need someone really good in CX, NPS, Innovation and Business Transformation
    For when you need help on creating the programme, or something extra on a specific topic
    For when you want to inspire and take the entire team to a new mindset and way of working
    When you want to explore and be challenged if your programme or roadmap is the best it can be
    For when you want to engage the organisation and don’t want to do it yourself




So here’s the number one question I get asked: “How do you make it work in the organisation?” Turning all your expertise, experience, plans and ambitions to tangible success is difficult. All too often I see clever people making clever plans based on clever insights… and yet, the organisation doesn’t listen.

And yet, that is what it is all about. How do you get CX adopted by the organisation? How do you stay clear from engaging in a lot of different activities that, apart from you, no one sees as one cohesive programme? How do you avoid producing ‘office art’ or busying yourself with things the business won’t see or recognise?

To have your CX, VOC or NPS programme sparking a movement, you need to be drawing in more and more parts of the organisation. Not a big bang, but cleverly dripfeeding and getting more and more people rallying behind you. Till that tipping point, where there are more people engaged and invested in what you do than there aren’t.

There is so much to do, it’s hard to realise and covering so much ground. It is overwhelming to take on. So I brought together all my personal findings, experiences, the CX Framework and my real-life practioner’s (hard) lessons learned in one easy model as a helpful guideline in my consultancy.

The Tidal Wave Model covers what you need, incorporating all the essential CX, NPS and Business Storytelling basics. And then it adds how to effectively bring it to life.

The base consists of three main building blocks Strategy & System, Organisation & Change and Culture & Leadership to make sure you cover all the essential elements you need. These range from all the CX Framework pillars, to real-life experiences in corporate life. Like the choice for a software vendor, technical platforms and dashboard. Or stakeholder management and drawing in your peer departments.

The top however is all about how to make it happen in real life. It offers guidelines, tips, tricks and shows how you can create that energy, awareness and movement in your organisation? How to raise your initiative from a number-crunching, feedback-collecting mudbank to an engaging and vibrant programme in your organisation that is about CX, and not about collecting scores.

The model comes with tons of illustrations, real-life examples and anecdotes. In a presentation, Blueprint Session, a Challenger Session, workshop or just over coffee you’ll hear and see how elements worked out perfectly, failed or just happened with sheer luck. Best cases, in-depth knowledge, new developments and novel insights will help you to cover what is needed, avoid pitfalls and create your own renewed approach for your CX initiative.

Is it easy ?

No. It’s hard to get people, teams, business lines to sway. Quite simply, you have to get it right. Even more so as CX, VOC and NPS so easy become touchy-feely-customer-emotionally (a.k.a. “Unicorn Candyland”). So you have to make sure all the solid basics and methodology is undisputable. And then build on to that.

The key to success is to get people to rally behind the story. So it becomes their story. So you need to create a buzzing and entrepreneurial atmosphere in which everyone understands, uses and loves CX, VOC and NPS to realise the best customer experience possible. This model helps you achieve this.

Oh, and this is not pixie dust. It works. Over and over again, creating brilliant programmes with fantastic clients.

So smile, you’re in for a fantastic ride.

By the way… using this approach makes your own role a whole lot better. Imagine you get to spend all day working on a CX Programme that is set up to spark enthusiasm, trigger, nudge, confuse, provoke and make impact. One in which you nurture more and more employees to have fun, feel pride, take up their responsibility and initiate more customer centric activities then you could ever have dreamt of.

Jaap Wilms


Jaap is one of the few very experienced CX and NPS practioners around. He consults businesses all over the world and also leads various global CX and NPS roll-outs for international renowned companies.

Accredited by the CXPA Jaap hosts the popular CX Masterclasses that prepare you for the CCXP Exam and that coveted CCXP title. As one of the only a handful of globally Recognized Training Providers he travels from Moscow to Manchester, Dubai to Delft, and Seattle to Singapore for it. Perhaps you’d like to immerse yourself in the world of NPS and the Loyalty Strategy. Or what about upskilling yourself in Business Storytelling to design your impact in the organisation…

Jaap is also a guest lecturer at some renowned Universities and MBAs where he teaches CX and Strategic Innovation. He is a guest on podcasts (e.g. the Forrester CX podcast), frequents the stage, is Director at the Customer Institute and Chair of Judges at the International CX Awards.

With 23 years of experience in CX and NPS, working and living in several countries, Jaap brings actual real-life experiences to the table. Having been a Customer Experience Leader himself in a large corporate for years – designing, running and modernising a complex NPS programme for multiple countries in Europe and Asia – he knows the unruly business world and the political games played very, very well. Combine that with a broad and in-depth expertise, and an array of surprising, original off-beat knowledge he’s sure to surprise, inspire and support you.

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