• How do you embed the Loyalty Strategy adopting changing customer behaviour?
  • What is the NPS business philosophy and how to match it to KPIs and growth?
  • How to successfully embed NPS in all layers of the organisation and avoid pitfalls?
  • How are you going to do this with a compelling  vision, story, model and roadmap?

With the IN-COMPANY Masterclass edition you can design your own NPS Masterclass and put the focus on your business challenges. It is an ideal way to learn, discuss and challenge. You will design your way of working and realise a joint framework to effectively and continuously make the difference with your NPS initiative in the organisation.

Set against a continuously evolving landscape of trends, developments, changing consumer behaviour and surprising challenges for your organisation you’ll learn about the Loyalty Strategy, the often vitriolic public discourse and the future of NPS in an increasingly digital and A.I. world. You’ll learn about modern, dynamic and smart survey design. You’ll deep-dive in analyses, scores, responses and its many pitfalls. You’ll learn how to create a cohesive measurement framework connecting strategy to tactical and operational levels. You’ll learn to calculate financial returns, design target setting, and manage abuse and ethics. And you’ll learn what it takes to set up an NPS Programme, design organisational accountability, and create a sustainable successful thriving NPS culture. In short: you will encounter the full breadth of what it means to be in NPS today… Are you up for it?

The course is co-designed with you.

The basis is already there and includes all aspects of NPS. Do you want to have more focus on for example Business Storytelling, a specific company challenge or work towards a tangible Roadmap, no problem. With plenty of examples from real-world cases on about any topic, you will be sure to have a tailored Masterclass.

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NPS can be overwhelming. Especially when considering its role in a continuously evolving landscape of trends and developments. So it’s essential to get a good grip on what needs to be done. We’ll use the NPS Tidal Wave Model © to guide us through all the different elements. Grounded in real-life experience this model gives you the full scope of what to do, and the means how to do it. It’s a practical and useful guide for firmly embedding NPS in your organisation and creating a customer centric movement.


During an intake any specific organisation challenges, aspirations or other requests are discussed and incorporated to create a unique, fully tailored NPS Masterclass. So your team walks away with a tangible Action Plan and is empowered to make NPS a success!


  • Learn the 6 NPS Competences and the NPS Framework
  • Get challenged with in-depth expertise in all aspects of NPS
  • Learn Global Best Practices, trends and developments in NPS
  • Get personally inspired for success in the extra module ‘NPS Role’
  • Connect and learn with your team and colleagues involved in NPS
  • Create a Personal or Team NPS Action Plan and NPS Roadmap to build your own NPS Programme set for success
  • Optional: Extend this Masterclass to 3 days

Benefits for COMPANIES

  • Ensures the latest and sustainable NPS expertise within the company
  • Activate change based on your brand, sector and industry insights
  • Gauge competition, learn from outliers and capture opportunities
  • Provides a common framework and language for employees
  • Creates an actionable team roadmap to take on company challenges
  • Increases external marketability, profile and visibility
  • Stimulates discussions with NPS peer companies and (new) networks
  • Demonstrates company commitment to good employership

Benefits for INDIVIDUALS

  • Builds and validates credibility and expertise
  • Provides a framework for advancement and value creation
  • Creates a pivotal position linking Brand, Strategy, Customer Experience and Loyalty Management
  • Increases marketability, profile and career path options
  • Stimulates discussions with NPS and CX peers and networks
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to improvement


This Masterclass is available LIVE and ONLINE.

With online classes the platform is Zoom or Teams. With live classes the location can be anywhere in the world. The In-house Masterclasses have been given from Manchester to Moscow and Delft to Dubai.

An inspiring location?

  • But if you’re not sure where you want to hold it…
  • You are interested in an off-beat location…
  • And people are flying in from all over the place anyway…

Well, then this might be a good idea: you are invited to have the Masterclass in Delft, The Netherlands. Easily reachable by train and with two airports nearby (Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Airport), Delft is an absolute gem and quite something else then the usual places you go to. Renowned for its painters like Vermeer, its world famous blue porcelain and it’s medieval centre and canals it is a great place to be and a welcome break away. If you are interested in this, everything from location to dinner and a Surprise Visit or Guest Speakers that have earned their marks in CX and NPS at renowned companies will all be arranged for you. …We talk about experiences a lot, let’s be in one.



  • With a live 2 Day version, included is an overnight stay in a luxury hotel on Day 1 (location t.b.d.), lunches both days and dinner on Day 1 and of course the hardcopy of the high-end Masterclass syllabus.
  • With online sessions, every participant gets a hardcopy of the high-end Masterclass Syllabus and other material sent to his/her work address or private address to make all the notes, keep background information and build the Personal Action Plan.
  • Successful participants receive a Masterclass Certificate, LinkedIn Educational Accreditation and promotion on social media.


  • Both live and online Masterclasses start Day 1 and Day 2 at 9 AM (optional pre-class access 8.45 AM), and end on Day 2 at 6 PM.
  • The online editions have an extra ‘Follow-up session’ one week later for an extended Q&A and to share experiences in applying the learnings to the real unruly business life.
  • In-Company editions’ timing can be adjusted to optimally fit business schedules.


  • Please reach out for details.
More information



Jaap Wilms


Jaap is one of the handful of trainers in the world that is officially credited as a Recognised Training Provider (RTP) by the CXPA, and gives the popular XM Masterclasses in various places ranging from Delft to Dubai, Seattle to Singapore and Manchester to Moscow.

Jaap consults and supports businesses throughout Europe and is involved in various international CX and NPS roll-outs and networks. He also lectures at renowned Universities like Nyenrode on CX, Loyalty and Strategic Inovation. He is an international Judge for the CX Awards and Director at the Customer Institute and recently acknowledged as Global Thought Leader 2020.

With over 20 years of international experience and having been a CX and NPS leader himself – designing and managing a succesful international NPS Programme in multiple countries in Europe and Asia as Head of Global NPS in the Financial Services industry for years – Jaap brings the actual real life experiences to the table with all the stars and scars, a thorough expertise and original, insightful thinking on how to create momentum and impact.