10 minutes

‘The end of the year’

We’re nearing the end of the year. Leaves have fallen from the trees. The weather is cold, rainy and gusty. There might even be snow. The year is coming to a close. You’ve already had your first flash forward. You started thinking about huddling up at the fireplace, presents, family dinners, the upcoming festivities…. A wonderful time in which you reflect, reconnect, tear up, give, share, laugh and look ahead to the new year.

Of course, till then you have a job to do. You know what needs to be done. Pushing for those final stages in your programme. Wrapping up the last initiatives you want to have completed at year’s end. Etc..

But here’s a thought. Did you consider you can use the upcoming festive period?

Wait. What?

No doubt there will be (more than one) Christmas Drinks half December. Maybe some local celebrations like ‘Sinterklaas’ in the Netherlands and Belgium. Perhaps your top management will host an End of Year speech for the entire company. Or host a Dinner. Or throw that traditional (in)famous New Year’s Eve party.

In short, loads of celebrations.
Shorter, your story needs to be in it.

This is the time to put the spotlight on what you’ve accomplished, to solidify budget or increase awareness. Make sure you are a ‘talking topic’ at those events.

10 minute focus

Drink a coffee or tea. And spend the time very deliberately. From your first sip (and realising it is still too hot) to the last drops. No more than 10 minutes, right?

Use that time to consciously focus how, when and where you can use this time of year to spotlight what you have done and what you are planning to do.

Perhaps it’s timing your presentation on your 2023 plans to management to be just a week before Christmas drinks. Getting a reference to your initiative in the CEO’s traditional speech. Or fun things like hosting a Christmas quiz, adding customer quotes to the Christmas menu, or a digital Happy New Year card with your team’s names on it to colleagues.

10 minutes. Good luck!